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Our website is just launching so we expect questions about how to use our platform. This post will tell you the purpose of our website and how you can get started.

Q: Who is Pitch Your Post for?

A: Everyone! Pitch Your Post allows you to create your own posts for our visitors to read. Regardless of whether you’re a blogger, social media influencer or just love writing, we’re here to give you a free space online!

Q: How do I use your website?

A: First you need to sign up for a free account at Once your account has been created, you can access your profile to interact with other members on the site. To create a post, simply click the ‘Create Post’ button at the top of our website (this is a link on mobile devices).

Once you create your post, you can then submit it for review. We will review the post and ensure it meets our terms before publishing it. Once approved, you will get an email letting you know your post is live on the site.

Each user gets an author page which contains all posts you’ve shared on Pitch Your Post. Share this with anyone you like and they can read your content.

Q: Do I own my data?

A: Yes! Anything you post on our site will be linked to your account. You will also be noted as the author on anything you post. We’re also compliant with regulations so if you wish to receive a copy of your data on Pitch Your Post, you can request this through your account.

We will soon be adding videos to our YouTube channel showing you how to work our full website. In the meantime, you can ask any questions via our contact page.

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Pitch Your Post allows anyone to be an author. Use our platform to publish your own content. Check out our posts too - we will post current and relevant content!
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